Love in Leicester

Carys and Ben were married at Holy Trinity Church in Leicester, a special place for them both. The day started (for me anyway, Carys had been awake since the wee small hours) with a visit to Carys and her family and bridesmaids at their hotel in Leicester.

Getting ready isn’t just for hair and makeup and putting on the dress - it’s a time of anticipation and spending time with a small group of friends and family before the public part of the day begins.

At the church, Ben and and his best man (and brother), Tom, stood welcoming their guests. The feeling of anticipation and expectation before a wedding is difficult to describe. There’s something special about being a photographer, because you’re often one of the only people to see the bride and the groom before the wedding starts.

After a touching ceremony in which Ben and Carys declared their love for each other in front of their friends and family, we headed off to Castle Gardens, which is close to the reception venue. One of the great privileges of being a photographer is being witness to this intimate time when husband and wife are alone (-ish - I’m there too!) for the first time. We made some lovely images in the park and headed off to the reception.

Ben and Carys took some time alone before heading into the reception - this is so important as being the centre of attention can be really exhausting, especially as it’s much longer day for the couple than it is for the rest of the guests. The reception took place at The Venue @DMU - this was the first wedding reception there and it was lovely that it was of two former students too!

After touching speeches from Carys’ dad Andy, Ben and Best man Tom came the Hog Roast, which was amazing! Then the dancing stared and did…not…stop…