OK, relax...

If the thought of having your photo taken on your own, or getting your family together for a photoshoot makes you break out in a cold sweat, then I need you to read this next bit really carefully:

Here's where the magic is: not the camera, or the lighting or posing, but in making you (yes, you!) feel like you belong in front of the camera.

(That other stuff is super important too, but it's up to me to worry about)

older couple on bench with their dog
Girl sitting in summer long grass
mother and young son black and white

How it works:

  1. We come up with a date and location to suit you;
  2. You pay a booking fee to secure your booking;
  3. We have an awesome photoshoot and you feel like a super star;
  4. I edit your images and show you the final version with a watermark.
  5. You decide how you would like to receive your images, (see below for prices of the most popular products);
  6. You receive your images, love them, feel great, show your friends, they love them, they book a session too, they love their photos, they feel great, gradually the world becomes a happier place...

Stuff you don't need to worry about:

  • What you'll wear (I'll help you decide);
  • How you'll stand or pose (I'll help with that too);
  • Making your kids smile;
  • Getting your OH to smile;
  • Making a massive list of photos;
  • Bringing your dog;
  • Having a photoshoot that just for you.


The Booking Fee

This is paid at the time of booking and covers all the admin and prep work that goes into your session. It's non refundable, but I'm happy to transfer it if you reschedule within a month.


Print Packages

Printing is the finishing touch in making your images. It's as important as all the previous steps.

My prints are a cut above the high street, with beautiful colour depth and pigment inks that will last a lifetime.

From £100

Wall art

Show off your favourite images with a classic canvas or framed prints, sleek modern acrylic or metal prints. You can choose a single image or multiple for a collage or multi frame.

From £340

Digital images

All the final high resolution images from your session delivered on a USB in a custom keepsake box. Choose from wooden, image wrap or a wide range of fabric covers for the box and customise with your own text.


Frequently asked Questions

Can I choose the location?

Yes! There are some technical photography related things to be aware of, and we work together to find a location and time that will result in the best images for you.

How long will it take?

I allow up 2 hours for most sessions. It's important to have loads of time to help everyone relax and have a great time. It also allows time for wardrobe and location changes.

How many people can attend?

I like to keep the numbers in a session low, so that people have time and space to relax. Generally 2-3 adults and 2-3 children is a good limit.
However, I'm happy to make alternative arrangements, or book a double session for you to facilitate larger groups.

What should I wear?

Wardrobe is a really important part of the final image - I can guide you as to what to wear and what to avoid for the best outcome. I'll send you a guide once you're booked in and you're welcome to bring multiple outfits too.

How do I book?

Fill in the form below to start a conversation, of you can catch me on facebook (just look for Joe Honeyands Photography) if you prefer. You'll need to sign a contract (digitally) and pay your booking fee of £30. That's it, then we can get to planning for an awesome session!

What if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel the session, you can hold over any money paid against another session booked within 30 days of the original main date. If you do not want to rebook, you will lose your deposit (any other money paid will be refunded)

Can I bring my dog?


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small boy being thrown up in the air by his father
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