Make time and space for beautiful portraits on location


Make time and space for beautiful portraits on location


On Location

A full one hour photoshoot at a location of your choice, with a theme to suit your personality.
Includes an online gallery from which prints and other products can be purchased. Also includes web sized digitals of any prints purchased.


Family On Location

Family life can be hectic and time is precious, so make time to record some memories.
Includes one hour of photography, an online gallery and one 16x12 high quality print, plus a web version of any prints or products you purchase.


Groups & Parties

Documentary photography for parties, family gatherings and celebrations. Includes an online gallery and web versions of all images


Frequently asked Questions

Can I choose the location?

Yes! There are some technical photography related things to be aware of, and we work together to find a location and time that will result in the best images.

How many images should I get?

It varies, but at least 15 final images, often more.

What should I wear?

Wardrobe is a really important part of the final image - I can guide you as to what to wear and what to avoid for the best outcome.

Why don't you include digital images?

I use professional cameras and lenses, high spec computer, professional editing software and carefully calibrate my monitor to ensure that the colours and tones are exactly right. The final printing stage is equally vital, which is why I like to check prints from a trusted printer before they reach you. I do include a web sized version of any images used in a print product for you, so you can show them off online or keep them on your phone.

How do I book?

In order to book, you need to contact me to arrange a main date, and a back up in case of bad weather, pay a £50 deposit and sign a contract with me.
The easiest way to do this is to use the form below. Please give as much detail as possible.

What if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel the session, you can hold over any money paid against another session booked within 30 days of the original main date. If you do not want to rebook, you will lose your deposit (any other money paid will be refunded)

Can I bring my dog?


How many people can attend?

For group sessions, an hour is enough time to photograph a family group of 5 poeple (aged 12+). We can photograph more than that, but it's a little more pressured. It's a balance, and I'm happy to discuss each case with you.