Hi, I am Joe Honeyands.

I've been photographing people for 10 years, I'm married to Danielle and dad to Noah.

Time with my family is super important to me, we like to kayak, visit the zoo, cycle, spend time in the sun and we LOVE banana loaf.

The first wedding I photographed was for my good friends Matt and Jenni. That was back in 2012, and although I've grown as a photographer since then, the photos still resonate for me. When I look back over the years, I notice that the best photos I've taken - the ones I'm most proud of - are the ones which communicate the emotion of a moment, or a relationship. Great photography is about connection, innovation and relationship.

Here are just a few reasons to work with me:

  1. I'm experienced and professional - Experience is knowing where to be, when to catch the perfect moment and how to be unseen. Experience means getting the shot first time every time.
  2. I'm innovative and adaptable. Whether it's a wedding at church, or a fitness shoot in a gym, I bring a wealth of experience in lighting, posing and all the other little things that go into making a beautiful image.
  3. I'm a nice guy! Photography is about connection and emotion, so it's important that your photographer is easy to get along with and puts you at ease.



“We have just received our wedding photos from Joe and they are more beautiful than we could have imagined! Looking back through our photos is like re-living the wedding again, except we get to see all of the tiny, quirky details that we missed. Joe was a joy to have with us throughout the day. He was professional, thoughtful and far exceeded our expectations. We were delighted when Joe occasionally pulled us aside when the scenery / lighting was at its best.”