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Apton hall is one of my favourite venues in Essex - it's a stone's throw from my home, but there are more important reasons why I love it! This guide will help you plan your awesome wedding at this little gem of a venue in the Essex countryside.


Right from the moment your guests step out of their cars and head towards your wedding, they'll be swept up in the beauty and peace of the surroundings. The venue slowly reveals itself as you head towards the courtyard, taking in the restored buildings, and on into the snug before finding a seat in the ceremony room. It can be helpful to have someone directing guests, or a sign welcoming them as it isn't immediately obvious where to head to first, especially for the first few groups to arrive. We've all been to events and thought "am I in the right place?" - put their mind at ease with a well placed groomsman or a beautiful bespoke sign in the entrance.


Apton hall has been so thoughtfully decorated - with no additional decoration it's tastefully neutral. The great thing about this is that any budget works to decorate the various rooms. From minimalist and sleek to all out party mode - almost anything goes.


There's loads of space to get ready here - the dovecot and granary allow lots of space, and are separate, so there's no chance of the two parties running into each other in a corridor. There's also lots of outdoor space for pre wedding portraits and a first look in the lovely rose garden. As with any good venue, the staff will visit regularly to keep you up to date with what's happening and to see if you need anything.

When guests or members of the wedding party first enter the site, they usually walk right past the Dovecote entrance, so if you or your partner are getting ready in there and don't want to be seen, it pays to be really organised and make sure you have everything you need in the venue before your guests start to arrive.


As the time approaches, you'll need to spend a little time with your registrars or celebrant - it's important to plan in time for this. The venue or registrars will be able to help you plan this, but it's usually about 15 minutes each for each partner.

It's tradition for one partner to wait for the other to come down the aisle, this is perfectly choreographed at Apton Hall, with staff on standby to close the shutters in the ceremony room so that no one gets a glimpse before the right time.

If you're having an outdoor ceremony, then it's even easier, with the dovecot door opening directly onto the courtyard area and a purpose built gazebo under which to wed your beloved.


Right after your ceremony is a great time for your photographer to whisk you off for some photos. The great thing about Apton Hall is that there are so many lovely locations for photos within about 30 seconds walk from your guests. From the rose garden, to the snug (great for bad weather days), the courtyard, the drive, ceremony room, the garden and all the other rooms in the venue. There's so much choice, even if the weather is rubbish.

The Feast

Now it's time to grab have some food and then head into the evening party. I love the way the staff introduces the couple to their friends and family as the enter the breakfast. Needless to say the food at Apton Hall is great - and the staff are prompt with their timings and the service is great too. If you're making speeches, they have a decent sounds system, so that your guests can hear you (this isn't always a given, so it's a lovely touch here).

The Party

Apton Hall has so many spaces for your guests, the evening can be whatever you want it to be. There's space for dancing, a DJ, there's room for a band too. There's plenty of outdoor space for your guests to enjoy a long warm summer evening, of there's the snug if the weather turns cold or your guests want to be closer to the action.


For pre and post accommodation your best bet is the venue itself. There are seven additional rooms in the coach house for guests, and I think you'll even get a killer cooked breakfast - the perfect way to recover from your awesome party.

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