Walk about with Faith Everett

I guess walk about isn't really a fair description, there was quite a lot of jumping, running, cartwheeling and a considerable amount of time spent upside down. Faith is an athlete with loads of energy and is seriously hard working.

We met up at Old Leigh in Essex. It's a small village on the thames estuary, with quaint pubs and a (usually) bustling cockle industry. Old Leigh was unusually quiet, as many people were still reluctant to be out and about due to COVID-19 concerns. This worked well for us as many streets were deserted and there were few cars on the narrow roads. I'd chosen a mid morning call time, so as to allow us to shoot before the lunch crowd arrived.

Drone footage of Faith's Skills.

Faith is an actor and aspiring stunt performer, and she's keen to make great images. While we were there, we met Mike of emjayvisualarts.com, who was taking his drone out for a spin - see the video below.

My favourite shot from the session is the title image form this article. To make this image, I laid on the floor and shot multiple photos while Faith bounded across the frame. I had to keep my camera as still as possible so that I could line up the images afterwards. We did this a bunch of times and I selected the best run later on. I aligned and layered the images in Photoshop and then cut out faith in various different stages of her cartwheel and backflip. Putting them all into one frame, I think you get a great sense of the energy and movement.

Here are some additional images from the shoot: