"Hey Zoe, would you like to shoot some headshots?"

"Oh great, yeah, can we do it in the woods...with my piano...?"

Well, that escalated quickly...

Sooooo...off to the woods with a piano then...

To be fair, it's a piano shell for an electric Piano, and Zoe did carry it most of the time. Zoe is a wedding Pianist and I met her when I photographed her brothers wedding - then we randomly ran into each other at the zoo. As part of my commitment to work in collaboration with talented and creative people this year, I reached out to Zoe to see if headshots would be useful to her - and then we were in the woods with a piano.

Zoe has been working as a full time wedding pianist for 4 years now, after a successful career as a session musician. She's hugely talented and creative, and takes a professional approach to her wedding work - she's won awards for her work in the wedding industry. You can find here here.

Zoe was great fun to work with and the images turned out great - I used a variety of lighting techniques to balance the ambient light with the light from my flashes - I love the etherial look to the images, and I love the glamorous look in the woods (it was pretty muddy...)

Thanks Zoe for an amazing shoot!