It's almost time!

Thank you so much for booking your lifestyle session with me.

We're less than a week away from our session and I wanted to let you know a few ideas for clothing, and a little bit about what the session involves.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly on +447730587462, or email

What to expect

I create lifestyle portraits, so it's not about posing and looking a certain way, it's about helping you be you and making beautiful images. It's about your own personalities, and the key is capturing the love between you all.

I allow 2 hours for a family session. It's unlikely we'll need all that time, but it allows for delays with getting the kids out of the house and taking a break to run around (children or partner as needed!). It's a good idea to arrive with plenty of time and not to book anything urgent right after, just in case we have to be flexible.

Sometimes there is a little walking between locations, depending on where you've chosen to have your session - please let me know if anyone has a condition which may make this uncomfortable or difficult for them and we will adjust accordingly.

Pets are welcome, as long as the location allows it. It might be worth having an additional person come along to watch your dog for any shots that don't include them.

For parents of little ones, teenage ones and reluctant partners...

Young Children

Please don’t worry if younger children seem uncooperative, or aren’t smiling etc. I allow a little extra time to help everyone relax and be comfortable. Please don’t stress about this aspect of the shoot, I will ask for your help and advice where needed. 

Older Children

If you're worried your teenager, tweenager or older child won't be excited about the session and won't smile, or will look grumpy the whole time - fear not!

I'm happy to bribe them with their own little session at the end to create some amazing insta-worthy shots of them that speak to their image and personality.


If you're concerned that your partner might not be 100% committed to enjoying the process, it's OK, part of my job is to help people relax and enjoy themselves.

What to wear

  1. Be comfortable. Be warm/cool enough, and make sure that whatever you wear makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself. You should be comfortable sitting, standing and walking in your outfit. If there's nothing in your wardrobe that fits those criteria, then perhaps it's the perfect excuse for a little shopping trip!
  2. Try to coordinate the theme or tones between family members, rather than specific colours and avoid matching too much. For example, you could go for warm tones (browns, oranges etc) or cool tones (greys, blues etc), but all wearing the exact same colour might be a bit too much. I'd avoid super bright colours, like bright yellows and pinks too.
  3. Prints and patterns are definitely to be avoided. This includes logos and large prints of any kind.
  4. Avoid really loose fitting clothing, such as ponchos and big coats (you can wear a coat if you'll be cold without, I will have somewhere for you to leave it while we're photographing).
  5. If you’re not sure and you would prefer to bring clothing options, you’re welcome to do so. Changing facilities are often limited, or you can change in your own vehicle. 
  6. If you wear glasses with reactive lenses, these often appear dark in photos. If you have spares with plain lenses, or the option of wearing contacts or not wearing glasses, please keep this in mind.

We're all set!

Apart from changes due to weather, there's nothing more to do than turn up ready to go on the day. If you get lost or delayed, just let me know - my mobile is 07730587462 and a text or phone call is the most reliable way to catch me urgently.